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plications from almost 60 automakers, involving 3.21 million defe▓ctive vehicles in total. Only seven among the 212 recalls were from Chinese automakers. This c▓ompares with the recall of 3.29 million vehicles in Jap

an in 2001 alone. The C▓hina South Industries Group, parent company of Chongqing's Chang'an Automobile Group, has signed an agreement to take over major auto assets from the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. This is the largest strategic restructuring in the country's auto sector. It's also t

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he second major vehicle consolidation move this year after the Guangzhou Automobile Group acquired sport utility maker Hunan Changfeng Motors in May.Under the new agreement, the Chang'an▓ Automobile Group will take

over the Harbin Hafei Automobile I▓ndustry Group, a mini-van maker and Chin

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